Tap into the most integrated data assets anywhere
Imagine having access to comprehensive data to help you generate insights, plan, target, activate, measure and optimize…one consumer at a time. Now, imagine that data is continually aligned across brand, geography, time, consumer and channel to deliver a real-time, 360-degree view of the consumer and their purchases. It’s a reality with the IRI Data Cloud™ and its vast integrated data sets.
Make disparate data sources work in harmony to generate new growth opportunities.
You have a multitude of data sources available but they're not meaningful for your business unless they work together. With three decades of experience in master data management, data integration and data harmonization, we transform big data into big decisions.
Solve business problems, not technical ones.
Many solutions in the marketplace focus on the technical aspects of big data. Our approach is different. Our solutions are based on business issues and opportunity-centric accelerators that optimize business processes and provide personalized insights per role and function in your organization.
Unleash the power of integrated workflows.
Our data analysis and visualization tools allow insights to be created across any dimension and measured at the most granular level. The result is complete freedom to combine insights across every dataset and find new growth opportunities that were previously locked away in silos.

How we're different

Over three decades of data expertise
Our experts have spent years working with data – collecting it, analyzing it, integrating it.
Seamless combination of various data assets
We can easily combine your sensitive and proprietary data with IRI’s integrated data sets, as well as third-party and publicly available data sources, so that you have everything in one place for analysis and new insights.
Industry-leading technology
IRI Liquid Data™ turns these huge data sets into meaningful insights via a single technology platform.
"Proving ROI is the biggest challenge and opportunity for any FMCG digital marketer. Clarity and simplicity of IRI's methodology makes it easy to prove a compelling business case."


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