While market intelligence, data and analytics is our business, innovation is our DNA. We have continually leveraged first-to-market technology to disrupt the status quo to propel our clients’ businesses into the future and meet their evolving needs.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Information Resources, Inc.® is founded, and an indelible mark on the industry begins.

  • The introduction of BehaviorScan establishes IRI as a new force in marketing data.

  • IRI creates InfoScan, the first national scanner-based tracking system.

  • Transatlantic expansion begins with the UK introduction of InfoScan.

  • IRI's cutting-edge household panel process brings product scanning to where people live.

    IRI also builds and sells pioneering database technology, Oracle Express / OLAP, still in use today.

  • The influence of IRI and InfoScan spreads across Europe.

  • IRI's web-based integrated business intelligence resources CPGNetwork® is introduced, enabling critical reporting and functionality.

  • Xlerate, quickly followed up by PowerPlus®, provides even more enhanced visualization support.

  • 7-Eleven begins using IRI’s collaborative gateway solution.

  • BPM® introduced the first generation of our celebrated enterprise-class business decision support software.

  • HEB begins using IRI’s collaborative gateway solution.

  • IRI Liquid Data® revolutionizes the industry with disaggregated data, automated analytics and breakthrough in-memory technology, years ahead of competitors.

  • The birth of Liquid Modeling™ empowers clients through entire category dynamics and more accurate marketing ROIs.

  • A new business strategy, Growth Delivered, signals an all-new commitment to client performance.

    IRI also acquires Aztec, expanding into Asia, Africa and Australia.

  • IRI partners with Rentrak, comScore and Oracle to bring disaggregated media and social data into Liquid Data®.

  • Speedway begins using IRI’s collaborative gateway solution with suppliers.

  • Marks & Spencer begins using IRI’s collaborative gateway solution with suppliers.

  • CVS begins using IRI’s collaborative gateway solution.

  • A groundbreaking partnership begins with MasterCard Advisors, offering a full view of purchasing habits for consumer segments.

  • IRI launches major upgrades to Liquid Data® including IRI Private Cloud, IRI Lift and Q-IRI.

  • Rentrak licenses IRI Liquid Data® and leverages IRI Private Cloud™.

  • Kroger selects IRI as its preferred measurement partner.

  • Conad begins using IRI’s collaborative gateway solution with suppliers.

  • Clients gain unprecedented access to real-time analysis and optimization to personalize their marketing campaigns with the introduction of the IRI Personalization Suite.

  • Walgreens Boots Alliance selects IRI’s customer insight tools for its product brands.

  • Sobeys selects IRI as its analytics partner.

  • Ahold selects IRI as its primary partner and analytics platform.

  • IRI begins providing supply chain services to Albertsons Companies, in addition to being its preferred partner for point-of-sale data, consumer panel insights and strategic growth initiatives.

  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Augmented Decision Making

Growth Delivered.
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