The COVID Effect: Temporary Measures, Lasting Change

Throughout history there are countless of examples of innovations that instilled lasting change in the world, and just as many that failed to do so. Whether it’s an idea, technology, tool or a toy; all introductions to our lives enter society at a certain pace that is continge...

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BIG DATA. What does it actually mean and does anyone care anymore?

Big Data is a phrase that was ‘on trend’ for a very short period of time and now (for those that still use it) results I find in an almost allergic reaction in meetings. It belongs to the archaic selling dictionary that includes ‘Internet of things’, web 2.0, and way back when...

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A 'Tipping Point' for E-Commerce in Australia

Less than 5% of consumer-packaged goods spending occurs online, but it dominates discourse about growth and future perspectives. After all, IRI’s ongoing IRI DigitaLink segmentation research shows we have surpassed 90% smartphone penetration in Australia. These digitally conne...

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Grocery Trend Report: Wrapping up Summer 2019

The Aussie Summer is not just about the Christmas, New Year and Australia Day period. It is also the biggest time of year for in and out-of-home entertaining as many people take advantage of the sunny weather. Justin Nel, Lead Consultant at IRI recaps the 3 hottest grocery and...

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Retail Data: Unavoidable Cost or Investment Opportunity?

After a prolonged period of stability, the retail data market in Australia is currently going through some major changes, reflective of the global trends impacting our industry.

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Loyalty Data Is the Key to Sizzling Up Long-Term Success

Which shoppers are most important to your brand’s success? Without shopper data, is there any way to answer these important questions?

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Harmonising Data to make it sing

It is not unusual for data to have vast discrepancies in consistency, modes of measurement and coverage. This is a challenge when trying to get an accurate picture of the consumer packaged goods market and its consumers. Among the most long-standing and basic data in its vast ...

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The New Goal of Big Data and Technology: Be Faster Than the Speed of Change

In this era of fast faster fastest, how can businesses and brands keep up and, more importantly, win? It used to be that all you needed was data at your fingertips in order to gain an edge. You searched through the data, found the insights, made a decision and acted on it. But...

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The Best of Both Worlds: Panel and Shopper Loyalty Data

Anybody working in consumer packaged goods (CPG) on the manufacturer or retailer side over the past 20 years is likely very familiar with panel data. It’s like a dependable, reliable friend – always there when you need it, and something you can count on it to provide solid ad...

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Craving Convenience

Australians are increasingly time-poor and struggling to manage their work-life balance. The implications of this are far reaching and even the shopping experience has been impacted, with one-in-five Australians feeling under time pressure when shopping.

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