Social Strategy and Cultural Alignment

Social Strategy and Cultural Alignment

Social Strategy and Cultural Alignment

Shoppers are certainly familiar with food labels, such as “organic,” “non-GMO,” and “antibiotic-free.” These product attributes are very important to consumers and have been driving growth in the food industry for the last few years. IRI and FMI research shows that the next wave of growth will concentrate on how companies are going above and beyond product attributes to drive sales by integrating important, emerging cultural values into their business operations. The second installment of the Top Trends in Fresh webinar series, “Social Strategy and Cultural Alignment,” will focus on how companies are aligning consumer and social values to their business operations.

Consumers say they are willing to pay more for products that align with their personal beliefs, so retailers should stock products that support these priorities, such as sustainable seafood and animal welfare. Retailers and processors that see the right priorities and align their operations appropriately are growing faster than average.
During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How growers and processors are reinventing categories and building competitive advantage using the voice of the customer
  • Which growth pockets in the perimeter are driving long-term changes
  • Different methods that retailers are using and how these tactics accelerate sales in different areas
  • Why IRI believes that future growth will continue

Speakers: Chris DuBois, senior principal, IRI; and Rick Stein, vice president of fresh foods, Food Marketing Institute


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