Private Label & National Brands

Private Label & National Brands

Private Label & National Brands

With CPG shelf space at a premium and consumers looking for near-individualized levels of service, getting it right is not a simple task for manufacturers and retailers. National brand manufacturers are working to innovate to serve consumers’ diverse and complex definitions of value. Retailers and private label manufacturers are challenged by the complexity of managing private label lines across multiple CPG categories and balancing the importance of serving more needs against the difficulty of increasing complexity even further by expanding private label lines across still more CPG categories.

To provide a framework for CPG marketers looking to solidify consumer loyalty and spur volume and margin growth, IRI conducted an extensive analysis of national and private brand CPG solutions and the role they play in helping consumers to live well for less.

As shown in this report, intelligent deployment of national brand and private label strategies provide consumers with simple, convenient and affordable solutions to their everyday CPG needs, and support vitality in a CPG industry that is looking to provide affordability and value in a diverse and increasingly complex consumer marketplace.

Host:  Susan Viamari, Editor of Thought Leadership, IRI

Duration:  1 hour


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