Learning From Past Crises

Learning From Past Crises

Learning from Past Crises and Countries That Came First: Anticipate Consumer Behavior During and After COVID-19

As unprecedented and unwieldy as COVID-19 has been, there are lessons all of us can learn from other countries that are further into the crisis than the U.S., as well as from past recessions and disasters. These lessons can help CPG manufacturers better anticipate consumer needs.

We can anticipate which products will face sales slumps when the virus recedes, and we know it will take some time before the market returns to “normal.”

Join IRI and the Consumer Brands Association for this webinar on COVID-19 market updates, including:

  • Purchase and shopping behavior
  • What other countries can teach us
  • Consumer attitudes

IRI and CBA also share insights on anticipated shopper behavior and opportunities for brands to better connect with consumers now and in the future.


Katie Denis, Senior Director, Industry Narrative, Consumer Brands Association
Joan Driggs, Vice President, Thought Leadership, IRI
Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, Market and Shopper Intelligence, IRI


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