Consumers want to know precisely where their food comes from — and shoppers’ desire for local food isn’t limited to the produce section. While this is still important, shoppers also want to support local businesses in their communities, ranging from the neighborhood bakery to ready-to-eat prepared foods found in a local deli or startup.

The fourth installment of IRI and FMI’s Top Trends in Fresh webinar series, “Hyperlocalization,” focuses on how retailers can get in on the ground floor with local businesses to drive traffic and find new growth. As consumers refine their definition of local, new business models are being created that challenge established ones and are forming a new landscape of competition. Now is the time for retailers and manufacturers to partner and spur innovation, such as teaming up with farmers’ markets and local businesses for new perimeter offerings.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How growers and processors are reinventing categories and building competitive advantage using the voice of the customer
  • Which growth pockets in the perimeter are driving long-term changes and are most responsive to local products
  • Different methods that retailers and processors are using and how these tactics accelerate sales in different areas
  • Why IRI believes that future growth will continue

Speakers: Chris DuBois, senior principal, IRI; and Rick Stein, vice president of fresh foods, Food Marketing Institute


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