Hyperlocal Growth

Hyperlocal Growth

Hyperlocal Growth

While income and consumer spending has always varied significantly across the U.S., the post-Recession economic recovery has been extremely uneven. This has created pockets of growth in consumer spending, providing marketers with several opportunities to selectively target higher-growth markets with high-potential CPG shoppers through local advertising including cinema, billboard and other out-of-home advertising vehicles. However, marketers lack accurate data and precise measurement tools for out-of-home advertising, limiting their ability to effectively leverage these platforms. The result? Poor ROI and perhaps a mistaken view that out-of-home advertising doesn’t work.

Marketers who are able to gauge the true impact of out-of-home advertising using granular data and better measurement can more successfully adopt hyperlocal strategies and achieve sales uplift of 10-15 percent. They also avoid wasting money on their campaign efforts.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why inaccurate measurement models lead CPGs to undervalue and underestimate the value of out-of-home advertising
  • Successful strategies for developing and measuring CPG out-of-home advertising
  • How to isolate the impact of out-of-home campaigns when measuring them

Speakers: Sunil Soman, vice president, ROI & Data Analytics, National CineMedia (NCM) and
Joy Joseph, practice leader, Marketing Productivity, Strategic Analytics, IRI


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