Confectionary Treats And Snacking

Confectionary Treats And Snacking

Confectionary Treats And Snacking

As with other consumer packaged goods, growth can be challenging in the candy and snack category. 

Understanding significant trends in confectionery sales, and what's happening now versus the industry’s 2014 performance, helps you know whether the market is growing and where the opportunities lie. For example, mid-market companies have been driving a lot of the performance in treats and snacks, and the importance of millennials to this category can't be ignored.

In this webinar, you will learn how overall economic factors are influencing shoppers; the impact that commodity prices have had on the category; the products, categories and shopping channels that are hot this year; and, most importantly, what you can do to position yourself for success and growth in the months ahead. 

SPEAKERS: Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, IRI and Larry Wilson, Vice President, Industry Affairs, National Confectioners Association

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