Balancing the Store Size Pendulum

Balancing the Store Size Pendulum

Balancing the Store Size Pendulum: What Consumers Want When It Comes to Shopping Experiences for Fresh and Beyond

This third installment* of the IRI/FMI Fresh Trends series, “Balancing the Pendulum,” will cover the latest trends in fresh. As we are now just past the halfway mark of the year, it appears that 2019 will continue to be interesting, with center-store growth outpacing fresh perimeter.

During this webinar, we take a deep dive into how the changing landscape of consumer options for purchasing fresh foods is reshaping shopper perceptions and preferences. We share new consumer research and the latest data analysis around store format and size, giving you ideas and strategies that you can implement.

Join this webinar to learn the answers to these questions:

  • Which formats do consumers prefer to buy fresh and why? Is there a difference emerging on where consumers prefer to shop?
  • How does the size of a store correlate with success in fresh? Are small or larger formats faring better? What role do different fresh departments play in various stores?
  • Where do the fresh opportunity consumers, who represent nearly $5 billion in sales growth opportunity in the next three years, prefer to shop and why?

*If you missed the previous two webinars in the “Balancing the Pendulum” series, you can find the recordings here: Balancing the Consumer Pendulum and Balancing the Geographic Pendulum


Rick Stein, Vice President, Fresh Foods, FMI
Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President, Practice Leader, IRI
Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI



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