2019 State of Fresh Meat

2019 State of Fresh Meat

State of the Fresh Meat Department 2019: Planning for the Next Decade

The fresh meat department has been the consistent sales rock of the perimeter and the store for nearly a decade. Despite stable growth trends, the department is changing with consumers voting with their dollars on what matters most to their meals. During this webinar, IRI explores the trends that can be leveraged for future growth and the shoppers that will matter most to meat in 2019 and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • The products that are growing and declining within the meat department and why
  • What separates the retailers who are successful at fresh meat from those who struggle
  • The consumers and needs that are reshaping the future of fresh meat
  • Top trends driving and disrupting the fresh meat department
  • Opportunities for fresh meat and other departments to partner for new sales
  • How vendors demonstrated these trends at the 2019 American Meat Conference

This session is for retailers with responsibility for fresh and packaged meat, manufacturers of fresh and packaged meat, and other food manufacturers including those in produce, meal solutions, ingredients, seasonings and side dishes.


Chris DuBois, Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts, IRI
Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI
Peter Swanson, Senior Consultant, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI



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