Transforming from insights to automated insights and real time decision enablement

IRI is committed to enabling FMCG brands, retailers and agencies to power the path forward – to stay ahead of the competition, on the top of the market and on the leading edge of change. We’ve invested heavily in the tools, infrastructure and human capital talent that will empower our clients to drive disruption by harnessing automated and augmented decision making.

Graphic: Today's Insights > Automated Insights > Augmented Decision-Making > Decision Automation
From   To
People Who Analyze Historical Data People Who Deliver Actionable and Measurable Decisions
High Quality Insights High Quality Insights at Significantly Greater Speed
Responding to Requests Institutionalizing and Democratizing Tools for Self-Service Insights
Experts in Conducting Analyses Experts in Implementing Decision Algorithms, AI, ML and User Interaction Tools to Enable Decisions

Kirk Perry, CEO and President, IRI

Kirk Perry talks to IRI's John McIndoe, Chief Marketing Officer, about navigating IRI at the intersection of CPG and technology. Perry also shares his perspective on the importance of an authentic and inclusive leadership style and the power of leveraging data to find the sweet spot between fundamentals and innovation.


Recurring insights should be 100% automatically created and distributed.

Augmented Decision-Making (ADM) is the process of using technology and analytic, combined with a specific business process, to let the machine do the work of combing through the data and seeing patterns and making recommendations.

Automated decisions moves to applying end-to-end business processes to create integrated recommended actions so the user can accept.

Pushing boundaries disruption

Leading-edge automated insights and decisioning solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning - increasing speed for delivering growth and consumer relevancy for CPG, retail and media companies on the world's leading B2B data and technology platform - IRI liquid data®.

One step ahead co-creation speed, value, impact

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