Stronger together.

We fundamentally believe that delivering differentiated growth for our clients requires deep, highly integrated partnerships with a variety of best-of-breed companies.
This means we work closely with a broad range of industry leaders to create innovative joint solutions, services and access to capabilities to help our clients more effectively compete in their various markets and exceed their growth objectives.
We’re committed to our partnership philosophy and continue to actively enhance our ecosystem of partners through alliances, joint ventures, acquisitions and affiliations.

The IRI Partner Ecosystem includes companies such as:

Measuring the impact of digital campaigns to drive better results
Thought leadership and analyses around trends and insights shaping the industry
Comprehensive digital consumption data for digital planning, activation and optimization

Retail shopper transaction data for advanced insights and analytical models
Highly dimensional demographic information for more accurate digital, retail and manufacturer targeting
Best practices, product classifications and client-by-client partnerships for more in-depth consumer views

Comprehensive view into retail operations to ensure that store-level initiatives are delivering maximum ROI
Point-of-sale targeting and testing based on hyperlocal sales and market data for more effective digital campaigns
Point-of-sale data and tracking information for the on-premise channel, covering over 15,000 restaurants and bars

Product launch and consumer activation solutions to enhance success
Kantar Shopcom
Enhanced targeting and measurement, including aggregated frequent shopper program loyalty data
Identity resolution to determine which consumer segments to target and the impact of campaigns

MasterCard Advisors
Full market view of retail spending and comparison of in-store basket purchases to broader spending trends
Hyper-local targeting and campaign analysis to better understand ROI of digital shopper marketing campaigns
U.S. household identifiers and attribute data to target consumers more effectively online

Data and insight integration across channels for the firms’ shared clients
Oracle Data Cloud
Direct-to-consumer digital marketing activation to deliver personalized customer interactions
Oracle Marketing Cloud
Campaign activation for syndicated and custom purchase-based targets to enable personalization

Oracle Social Cloud
Unified cloud-based social platform to manage and scale customers across different social media channels.
Links Pinterest advertising exposure to actual purchases, down to the specific product and household level
Location-based insights on observed consumer shopping and lifestyle behaviors

Research Now
Likelihood-to-buy predictions for more than 1 million households in order to conduct more accurate concept, product and ethnographic research
Return Path
E-commerce data with a real-time view of e-commerce behavior and a greater understanding of the path to purchase
Providing data and insights into high-opportunity shoppers

Driving business outcomes for marketers through audience-targeted television
Market measurement, segmentation and industry expertise for success with natural/organic and specialty products
Target real-time consumer intent to connect advertising impact to in-store sales