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AAAA Transformation 2013

March 10 - 13, 2013

Location:  Hyatt Regency - New Orleans, LA         

Description:  Transformation: The Idea Effect, will include top-to-top conversations and idea exchanges across the entire advertising community.  The advertising business has always been about ideas and the brilliant execution of those ideas. We think fast, move fast and act fast. But on occasion, when we detach from the day to day, we are driven to new perceptions, purpose and action—for ourselves, our advertisers and our world.

IRI Speaker:  Srishti Gupta,  Executive Vice President and General Manager, New Media Solutions

Topic:  Leveraging the power of hyper-local media targeting:  Local targeting allows marketers to send highly specific messages to a very narrow group of shoppers. Such messages are more relevant to the targeted audience, and consequently tend to lead to higher conversion rates and improved ROI over national campaigns that include more general messages. Mobile and other digital technologies now enable hyper local environment.  However, the power of such targeting cannot be leveraged unless the brand is able to pinpoint key geographies of interest or opportunity. This requires extremely granular and disaggregated data at the local level. IRI has the capability of helping build such hyper-local solutions based on POS (point-of-sale) data collected directly from local retailers. Key information based off of the POS data differentiates “good” regions from the “not so good” ones. Subsequently, publishers use such information to high ROI, run geo targeted campaigns.

Learn More:  http://4astransformation.com