Lifting In-Store Sales with Advanced Online Targeted Promotions

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Lifting In-Store Sales with Advanced Online Targeted Promotions


The Challenge
A number of premium CPG brands sought the ability to quantify the impact of targeted online advertisements on their in-store sales. Specifically brands were seeking a way to drive new offline sales and increase loyalty among existing customers.

The Approach
IRI worked with Legolas Media, which has developed an innovative online premium advertising marketplace through which advertisers can purchase upfront audience inventory across premium publishers. The two companies provided a solution for brand marketers to forecast and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising messaging, targeting strategies, and spend based on actual offline purchase behavior.

After Legolas helped brand managers plan, purchase and place their online campaigns, IRI utilized its extensive Consumer Network panel of more than 86,000 consumers to measure actual spend per household and value per sale for each.

To evaluate the success of each campaign, IRI and Legolas exposed both a targeted population (consumers selected based on demographic, hyper-local, psychographic and purchase data) and a non-targeted control group (general population) to online messaging. The IRI and Legolas team then
compared purchase behavior to the same period in the previous year. IRI’s tapped its Consumer Network Panel to track sales lift for the duration of each


The Results
For each brand, sales were significantly stronger among targeted shoppers.
Data showed that the population exposed to online messaging spent 18 percent more year over year than the general population.

Defining a target segment based on past offline purchase behavior also proved successful. On average, established brand buyers spent 48 percent more than the general population compared to the previous year. Campaigns also saw impressive conversion rates, as competitive buyers increased spend on these brands 23 percent above the control group.

The Benefits
These top CPG brands not only saw considerable sales boosts, but were able to trace success back to specific promotional activities. IRI’s purchase data measured sales resulting from the campaign, allowing marketers to make mid-way adjustments and guide future content and publishing decisions.
Tying IRI’s Consumer Network Panel to online campaigns yielded a new level of confidence for CPG advertisers. Sales data validated strategies behind consumer targeting and placement which led to increased ad spend ROI.

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