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Thought Leadership Topics

Pricing and Promotion in Europe

While promotions have helped European and U.S. shoppers alike weather the economic downturn, the proliferation of these has caused consumers to expect them and eroded brand and store loyalty. To win, manufacturers must think differently about how to use promotions and set clearer goals and priorities with retail partners which consider the multi-channel landscape. This special report analyzes the pricing and promotion of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Europe and reveals future paths to growth that use price and promotion effectively.

2012 State of the Snack Food Industry

This presentation investigates snack food industry performance in 2011 and presents the latest industry trends, up-to-date snack food sales data, and consumer insights for major snack food categories.

Seniors: Driving Growth in the Golden Years

This presentation takes a closer look at the silent generation and provides insights to help CPG marketers understand the most pressing needs of seniors across different states of financial and physical health and well-being, develop marketing strategies that are aligned with shopper needs at a microscopic level and, ultimately, create shopping experiences that will win shopper spending and ongoing loyalty from this high-opportunity group.

Forrester Wave

The report names IRI as a leader in this space due to our “very strong data integration and aggregation capabilities and unprecedented access to shopper and point-of-sale data from around the globe.” The report also notes that “in addition to its strong relationships with digital and social media data providers, IRI has a vast global network of partnerships to aggregate shopper and consumer purchasing data from 54 countries.” The report also cites Brand Advantage and Liquid Data as important software tools for reporting, forecasting and integrating data.

U.S. Food & Beverage Market

The U.S. food and beverage market will continue its rebound in 2011 and 2012, as more shoppers believe the economy will improve and anticipate their personal financial situations and personal financial security will take a turn for the better. These results are tempered by projections that show price increases will act as the principal growth driver, and food and beverage market growth will trail that of the overall U.S. economy. This executive summary of “The U.S. Food and Beverage Market: 2010 Performance and Outlook for 2011 and 2012” offers a sneak peek at the predictive insights contained in IRI Consulting’s March 2011 Executive Briefing, available now.