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Capturing Growth with Food on the Run

December 2013

To provide insights into strategies that will guide national and private brand manufacturers along the path to continued growth, IRI conducted extensive analysis of the interaction between private label and national brand packaged goods solutions.                   

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 Times and Trends

Times and Trends

Times & Trends |  February 15, 2006
CPG Industry Year in Review

2005 was a remarkable year for the CPG industry.

A devastating hurricane season displaced consumers, closed retailers’ doors, drove huge demand swings across categories and resulted in sizable price increases across key ingredients, such as sugar. The hurricanes further increased high fuel costs, which strained budgets among low income consumers and pushed packaging and distribution costs sky high.

This report is intended to help CPG manufacturers and retailers see market opportunities and risks by benchmarking performance versus the industry, act on these insights with speed and confidence and win at the shelf.
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Times & Trends |  January 15, 2006
Healthy Eating Trends: Innovative Solutions to Evolving Consumer Needs
The past few years have been marked by an extraordinary level of innovation across CPG food and beverage categories in an effort to deliver against consumer health and wellness needs. The reformulation of products to remove trans fat, creation of new ingredients to provide whole grain benefits without sacrificing taste and introduction of innovative packaging to help consumers manage caloric intake have enabled the industry to take a huge leap forward in providing healthier alternatives to consumers.

This report translates better for you” initiatives into profitable sales growth. It requires an understanding of the complexities of consumer eating behavior and ongoing identification and monitoring of untapped opportunities.
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Times & Trends |  December 15, 2005
Macroeconomic Trends: Understanding and Predicting Consumer Spending Patterns
In the quest to understand and predict consumer spending patterns, many CPG marketers may be missing a powerful influencing factor – the economy. Consumer purchase decisions are clearly impacted by a broad range of factors – many within marketers’ control, but the economy provides an underlying current that wields strong directional influence.

This report summarizes results from an extensive analysis of the link between U.S. economic health and CPG/healthcare industry sales and highlights implications for CPG marketers.
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Times & Trends |  November 15, 2005
Private Label: The Battle for Value-Oriented Shoppers Intensifies
As value channel growth begins to plateau, supercenters, mass merchandisers and club stores are increasingly staking a claim on private label shoppers. While grocery channel private label share is essentially flat, share across value channels is growing.

As detailed throughout this report, private label development, performance and potential vary dramatically by category. And, beyond food and beverage staples such as eggs and milk, the propensity to purchase private label varies substantially across consumer segments.
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Times & Trends |  October 31, 2005
Special Report: Impact of Hurricane Katrina, Report Four: One Month After
The Hurricane Katrina tragedy has prompted many CPG manufacturers and retailers to reexamine their disaster plans to ensure that consumer needs can be effectively and efficiently met in times of crisis.

This fourth and final report summarizes learning in each of these areas, provides an update on market changes during the third and fourth week following Hurricane Katrina and highlights recommendations for industry disaster planning efforts.
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