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We Stand in Good Company
What Manufacturers Are Saying
Dr. Oetker logo
"At Dr. Oetker, we believe that quality is the best recipe. It is our belief that recent developments within IRI have served to improve both the quality of data and the quality of providing this data. As a relatively new business to the U.K., Dr. Oetker was looking for a data solution that provided accurate, impactful and relevant insights but, more importantly, would deliver a proactive approach to the relationship. "
Peter Franks
Managing Director
Dr. Oetker

What Retailers Are Saying
Circle K logo
"Circle K is very pleased to not only be enriching the convenience channel information performance picture through granular sales insights from its stores, but also leveraging these critical insights to grow its business. The new AllScan service is a quantum leap forward in terms of delivering granular, actionable insights that will ultimately help us with our brand, category, promotional and trend initiatives."
Jim King
Director of Marketing
Circle K