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IRI has made tremendous progress in the areas of innovation and thought leadership as it progresses with its business transformation . In an industry where innovation and vision are paramount to future success, IRI appears to be significantly ahead of the pack and leading the charge. The company should be commended for its efforts.

Tim Davidson
President and Founder
Prevision Corporation



IRI is a leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analysis and the foresight that leads to action. We go beyond the data to ignite extraordinary growth for our clients in the CPG, retail and over-the-counter health care industries by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses.

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IRI Market Measurement

IRI Market Measurement provides CPG and retail executives with the highest-quality and most comprehensive market tracking information and insights available via easy-to-use technology-enabled access and visualization tools.  The group also supplies market measurement information to IRI’s other business groups and works closely with them to deliver integrated solutions to clients. This information is the critical foundation for manufacturers and retailers to analyze shopper activity, make micro- and macro-level decisions, collaborate on new initiatives as well as create innovative new products, packaging, pricing, promotion and merchandising strategies.

IRI Advanced Analytics

IRI Advanced Analytics enables clients to achieve high-impact business outcomes through a unique combination of predictive analytical techniques, proprietary rapid-modeling platforms, leading-edge automated solutions, and experienced analytics consulting talent.   Focusing on the key strategic and operational needs in sales and category management, marketing and brand management, strategy, and demand planning, the group works collaboratively with clients to deliver action-based analytics and enable their organizations to commercialize and monetize those insights.


IRI Advantage

IRI Advantage offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions and services that enable CPG and retail companies to better understand shopper needs and respond to rapidly changing market conditions. These solutions help leading companies plan, optimize, and manage front-office processes, such as trade management, merchandising, shopper marketing, and in-store execution to deliver superior financial results. Powered by IRI’s Liquid Data technology platform, IRI Advantage solutions empower individuals throughout the enterprise in CPG and retail to make fact-based decisions in minutes or hours based on timely, prescriptive, and predictive insights. IRI Advantage solutions are available on-demand to quickly deliver value to business users without burdening internal IT organizations and without an expensive upfront investment.

IRI Consumer & Shopper Marketing

IRI Consumer and Shopper Marketing offers CPG and retail companies actionable insights and solutions to execute at the individual household and store level.  The group enables marketers to directly communicate with their key consumers and shoppers at home, online or in-store, and focuses on delivering consumer and shopper insights, test marketing services, digital media solutions, and shopper segmentation, targeting, and marketing. These solutions are delivered on IRI’s revolutionary Liquid Data™ technology platform, and supported by highly-experienced teams that drive each client’s ability to understand their consumers and shoppers and generate increased sales.

IRI Consulting

IRI Consulting offers strategic advisory services in sales and marketing for c-level management within the CPG and retail industries. The group focuses on four key practice areas: strategic pricing, growth and innovation, shopper marketing, and customer and channel management. IRI Consulting is composed of highly-seasoned consultants from top-tier strategy consulting firms, who have successfully completed hundreds of engagements focused on developing long-term strategic and collaborative relationships with clients. IRI Consulting builds its recommendations on the unparalleled data, information and insights IRI has generated for CPG and retail clients for more than 30 years.
IRI Consulting Brochure

FreshLook Marketing

The goal of FreshLook Marketing Group, an IRI company, is to be the leading provider of accurate, actionable and timely scanner sales information for the perishable departments in supermarkets (i.e. produce, service meat, service deli, service bakery). Finally, brand/category management in the perishable categories can be based on actual sales data.
FreshLook Marketing